Active Rehabilitation gets you moving-safely

Active Rehabilitation gets you moving-safely

After an injury or accident, it is important to seek treatment early on and get your body moving.  Staying still or resting too long can exacerbate the injury more.  As it’s our passion to have a collaborative method of treatment when needed here at VanCity Physio, we have Active Rehab specialists readily available to assist in getting our patients up to speed as quickly as possible.  Waiting too long to seek treatment can result in an injury healing improperly and a longer time frame to see results while undergoing treatment. Why Active Rehab is crucial in recovery is because it can play an important role in speeding up the process of treatment.  

Active Rehab incorporates core stabilization, strengthening exercises, stretches and postural adjustments within each individualized exercise program.  This is under the directive of both a physiotherapist and an Active Rehab specialist so this will ensure each patient will have their individualized needs taken care of by experts in pain therapy.

What are some injuries that can be treated with Active Rehabilitation?

    • ICBC injuries
    • Knee injuries
    • Acute or chronic back pain
    • Post-surgery issues
    • Soft tissue injuries
    • Neck pain and injury
    • Shoulder pain
    • Arthritis 

Once the source of pain is identified from a thorough assessment from a physiotherapist, it may be determined along the way the Active Rehab will be beneficial for resolving symptoms and improving movement.  Within this thorough assessment, an analysis of the patient’s symptoms and range of motion will take place.  The physiotherapist and the Active Rehab specialist will then give a series of exercises and stretches to encourage strengthening and stretching.  It is the ultimate goal that each patient post-treatment will have the green light to get back to daily life and activities they would normally do before the injury.  What is great about Active Rehab is the patient will demonstrate each exercise/stretch given and have direct training on how to safely perform them.  With follow-up visits, assessments of where the patient is to date is highly important to determine if he/she should continue as is, recognize improvements of the patient’s overall health, or the need for different exercises or stretches if not much improvement is seen. 

Most of the exercises given to each patient, can vary from home-based exercises to personal training within our clinic.  Home-based exercises may require more simple equipment at home such as Therabands, a mat, or an exercise ball. In the clinic, an Active Rehab specialist will determine a patient’s goals and develop an individualized plan to get the patient there.  The patient benefits having a personal trainer to be held accountable to but also helps to keep a patient motivated and engaged.  

During each session, an Active Rehab specialist will motivate and guide their patient through their individualized exercise and stretch regime.  Over time, core stability, range of motion, muscular endurance and overall strength will improve.  As stated before, the patient will be observed with their form and technique to ensure injuries will not develop from poor exercise habits and will have knowledge of how to remain safe.  The overall treatment will end with a final assessment before deemed finished.  Due the plethora of knowledge our team has, we are confident in our ability to be able to get our patients back to feeling better—if not—better than ever

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