Clinical Pilates is good for your recovery!

Clinical Pilates is good for your recovery!

At VanCity Physio, we’re extremely passionate to present our patients with a collaborative approach as it is our goal to develop the quickest and most effective treatment plan for an injury.   Each treatment plan is catered to our patients’ individual needs and their specific goals are addressed with the most current research kept in mind.  Within our collaborative approach, we have partnered with our lovely Clinical Pilates instructor named Brita Unger.  

How is Clinical Pilates different from Traditional Pilates? 

In the 1920s, Pilates was founded by Joseph Pilates in which he developed a new way to condition and exercise the body.  Traditionally Pilates has a strong focus on strengthening the core and pelvic core muscles. With the direction of Traditional Pilates, the exercise program will be closely monitored by a physiotherapist with a focus on to ensure a specific injury is addressed.  Clinical Pilates is a highly effective method in rehabilitation as it focuses on strengthening the body with targeted exercises and has exercises to balance out the body.  There are other benefits of Clinical Pilates, there is a focus on breathing, stability, flexibility, and prevention of future injury.  

Not everyone will benefit from Clinical Pilates but after an assessment by a physiotherapist is completed.  An individualized program will be determined to achieve the patient’s goals and needs.  These programs are reassessed regularly to ensure these goals are addressed or built upon.  

Benefits of Clinical Pilates

  • Focus on muscular strengthening
  • Focus on flexibility improvement
  • Improvement of posture
  • Rehabilitation of injury
  • Prevention of future injuries
  • Breathing control
  • Increased coordination 
  • Balance improvement
  • Core strengthening and stabilization 
  • Postnatal or prenatal support
  • Pelvic Floor strengthening

At VanCity Physio, our expert in Clinical Pilates is Brita Unger.  She is a former competitive gymnast and has a passion for body mechanisms.  She has countless hours of training, and she is focused on helping her patients achieve their desired physical goals.  Brita has many years of experience and it can be assured you’ll be in good hands.  

There are so many other benefits to Clinical Pilates, if you want to hear more about how our regimented programs please come in for an assessment. Live a life where you can MOVE WELL and LIVE WELL.

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