Tips for Staying Active and Healthy During the Holidays

Tips for Staying Active and Healthy During the Holidays

It’s a wonderful time of the year, where many of us gather with our friends, families and loved ones. Together we laugh, enjoy, reflect on the year, look forward to the next and oftentimes, we feast. All of these things are lovely and no doubt important, however, we often struggle to stay active during this time of the year, despite good intentions. Here I have compiled a list of ways to keep good on our intentions and maintain healthy physical activity routines! 

Create a Plan 

Make your workouts or activities a priority, by setting aside time for them. Make the time specific, this will help keep you accountable and stick to your plan. Organize your physical activity the same way you do your gatherings for the season to set yourself up for success! 

Workout With a Friend or Family Member 

Ask someone else to join you in your physical activity during the holiday stretch. This will give both of you more motivation to accomplish your goals and make them more enjoyable! 

Keep Things Short 

These weeks can be crazy busy with lots of traveling, shopping and visiting to do. Why not make things a little easier for yourself to fit in exercises. Set aside shorter time periods than your usual, or 20-30 minute sessions. Plenty of work can be done in under half an hour! Accommodate both your personal life and health by allowing time for both. 

Stay Hydrated 

There’s always lots to drink this time of year; eggnog, mulled wine, hot chocolate, irish coffee, the list goes on of holiday themed drinks that feel like Christmas in a cup. It’s important to enjoy yourself, of course, but also to keep in check with your body. This means keeping hydrated by drinking lots of water throughout the day, even if it’s not quite as refreshing as drinking it on a hot summer day. Your body will thank you. 

Enjoy the holidays above all, and take good care of yourself and your loved ones! 

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