You Kin Do it! Benefits of Active Rehab with a Kinesiologist

You Kin Do it! Benefits of Active Rehab with a Kinesiologist

Active Rehabilitation is a low-risk exercise and stretching program that is designed to address your specific needs, abilities and daily health or fitness goals. These programs are developed by a Kinesiologist, often with direction and collaboration with a Physiotherapist. 

The goal of active rehab is different for every client but the motivation is to make you move and live with less pain. Working with a kinesiologist you will achieve your goals faster. This is done by increasing flexibility, addressing strength issues or imbalances, stabilizing joints and core complex strengthening.

Active rehab truly is for everybody. It helps individuals with all types of injuries recover faster, such as:

  • Motor vehicle accident (ICBC) 
  • Chronic back or joint pain 
  • Sprains and strains
  • Post-surgery
  • Neck pain or trauma 
  • Shoulder injuries 
  • Arthritis 
  • Tendonitis
  • Sport injuries
  • Nagging muscle pains 

We believe that movement is medicine. Oftentimes when we are injured, we rest for too long and don’t see much improvement. By staying active or increasing physical activity during recovery, we can reduce inflammation and swelling, increase confidence and independence, and you return to work and/or your daily life faster than without active rehab. 

During each session, the Kineisologist will demonstrate the movements and exercises for your recovery, and provide direction to ensure you are performing them properly and safely. While working together to find which movements will help you the most, the Kinesiologist will also provide you with access to guided tutorials on how to continue your rehab at home. 

Going beyond recovery is one of the major goals of active rehab sessions. Ideally, we want to move you from rehab to pre-hab, where you are future proofing your body from injury and/or reinjury. People who use active rehab in their recovery may need fewer pain medications, and are much better equipped for any setbacks in the future. As dedicated health professionals that want to see you improve each session and realize your goals, we will keep you motivated along the way and return you to feeling your very best! 

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