Client Success Stories

At VanCity Physio, nothing makes us happier than seeing our clients achieve their goals. Whether it’s dealing with a niggling injury or reaching peak performance, we’re always happy to help! Don’t take our word for it, here’s what our clients had to say about us:

I saw Ranko for my first physio visit. I am a dentist and experience tightness in my neck and shoulders a lot. Ranko did a thorough assessment and recommended the proper treatment best suited for my needs.

My body felt so relaxed and relieved after my visit with Ranko. He gave me suggestions on how I can best prevent further injuries due to my work. Since them I have noticed huge improvements in my range of motion and less discomfort in my head and shoulders.

I have also referred my TMJ patients and my fiancé to him. I fully trust his expertise :)”

- Dr. Neda R.

Ranko has played a pivotal role in my journey to healing my back after a car accident in 2017. His positive attitude and ability to build instant rapport with each of his clients constantly amazes me.

Ranko's dedication to solving the mystery behind my injury and constant support in advocating for my health has been a necessary component to the success I've had treating this injury.

I trust Ranko fully with this injury and I will undoubtedly be visiting him any time I need to see a physiotherapist in the future. Do yourself a favour and book in with Ranko now!

- Gabrielle D.

Ranko’s Kinesiology background coupled with his extensive personal training was a perfect fit [to aid in my recovery]. His vast knowledge brought me great results, as when I began working with him I was on Crutches and today I am so much stronger and can function so much better because of that. I feel that I have jumped leaps and bounds, and I am very excited to utilize the knowledge he so graciously thought me. 
Ranko put a great deal of time and effort into my rehabilitation, and gave me the tools I needed to move onward and forward. He is very professional, hard working, dedicated and I would like to express my sincere gratitude for all the hard work he put into getting me stronger! 
It was a pleasure working with Ranko, I would not hesitate to recommend his expertise, and I wish him all the success he so deserves!

- Deborah H.

Ranko (to me) is like a Social Chameleon: he knows how to adapt well to his audience while providing them with the knowledge and education they need in order to heal through whatever injury they may have sustained. He’s not pushy at all and definitely humble AF.

- Jenny L.

Thank you, Ranko for helping me walk again. You are really doing a great job on motivating me to walk! You're the best!

- Jiwon Park

[Ranko] always displayed a lot of patience with me, encouraged me and was always right beside me as to make sure that I wouldn't fall or hurt myself. The techniques and exercises that Ranko taught me helped me to improve very quickly… as a result, 1 month post hip replacement surgery I [was] able to get up and down the many stairs I have in my home with a cane without any problems!

- R. Rasman

I attribute my personal physical success to Ranko's knowledge, personality, and example. Not only did Ranko help me to reach my personal physical goals, but he also empowered me with the knowledge of a healthier lifestyle which has allowed me to greatly surpass those goals. And that knowledge Ranko empowered me with, is the greatest thing he could have ever done for me; as it has motivated me and led me to feeling healthier and happier then ever!

- Matt S.

Ranko has taught me many things about my recovery and has encouraged me every step of the way. His smile and attitude helps to keep me involved and optimistic. I can ask for honesty with him and get it … qualities that reflect more than one healing process.

- Wendy M.

I had the pleasure of being personal trained by Ranko Vukovic for a 4 month period prior to an event last year. I was introduced to another viewpoint of what "being in shape" actually is comprised of. He helped me be openminded to an assortment of different exercises/stretches and training material. I was pleased with the results within a short period of time and continue to utilize the tools and suggestions that were taught to me. If anyone is looking for a motivating trainer and overall great guy, I highly suggest him! Thanks so much Ranko!

- Mao W.

Thank you, Ranko for being there beside me while I took my first steps into my new life. Words can't thank you enough for your patience and guidance. I will remember you and wish you the best as you continue on your path to being an amazing physiotherapist.

- Sandra

I wanted to take a moment to write you a note of gratitude for your time and efforts during my recovery. Your attitude, depth of knowledge, and commitment really helped me through one of the roughest times in my life.

- M. Goddard

I found Ranko to be an excellent instructor who would thoroughly explain not only how to do the exercises but also the benefits of doing [them]. I have greatly improved and I'm happy with my progress [post-THR). I would strongly recommend Ranko as a physiotherapist

- Don K

I recently suffered an injury from playing sports. I had a lot of trouble walking without pain but working with Ranko helped me quickly return to what I love doing most. Injuries don't just affect a person physically, but can take an emotional toll. Having a physio who is knowledgeable in his practice, patient with explaining my condition and being personable to work made all the difference in my full recovery. Thanks, Ranko!

- Fiona Chiu

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