Clinical Pilates

As physiotherapists, we see a lot of patients suffering from chronic pain. They’ve tried countless treatment options and are left frustrated at their lack of progress. Clinical Pilates offers an effective and non-invasive treatment option for many of these issues, and we’re thrilled to be able to offer it to our clients.

What is Clinical Pilates? 

Clinical Pilates is a form of treatment that focuses on restoring optimal movement, posture and muscle balance within the body. It works by targeting specific areas of the body to actively promote healing, improve overall mobility, and help prevent re-injury.

Some of the benefits of Clinical Pilates include:

  • Increases in core stability and strength
  • Reduced muscle and joint pain
  • Improvements to posture and balance
  • Increased flexibility and functionality

How Does Clinical Pilates Help?

One of the best aspects of Clinical Pilates is that it’s suitable for just about everyone, whether it’s athletes recovering from injury, people looking to correct poor posture, or even pre- and post-natal women. Here are some specific scenarios where Clinical Pilates can help.


Clinical Pilates is a commonly used method of treatment for athletes recovering from injury, or as an initial rehabilitation exercise to facilitate their return to activity. It’s also an effective method of injury prevention through the assessment and improvement of posture and muscular balance.

Chronic Back Pain

As many of us work in front of computer screens our posture suffers damage each day. For those suffering from chronic back or neck pain, Clinical Pilates works to mobilize the spinal column, reducing stiffness and increasing the range of motion. Alongside strengthening exercises, this can help to eliminate this type of pain.

Core Strengthening

While many regular gym goers marvel at their progress, they often neglect to train their core muscles. This can lead to poor core muscle control, nagging injuries and pain. Clinical Pilates provides a treatment program to address this issue, working the smaller, postural muscles to support the larger muscle groups.

Pre- and Post-Natal Women 

During pregnancy, hormone levels can fluctuate and affect the posture. This can result in pain and stiffness for many women. Depending on the stage of pregnancy, a physio can provide a tailored Clinical Pilates treatment plan to rectify this problem. Following childbirth, many women suffer from issues with their lower abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. Clinical Pilates can be used to focus treatment on these specific areas and boost the healing process.

Pre- and Post-Surgery Treatment 

Clinical Pilates is also a gentle and non-invasive treatment option for those about to embark on surgery, or recovering from a recent operation. Following surgery, the muscles at the incision site can often suffer damage or become weakened. Clinical Pilates rehabilitation can be used to gently get these areas back to optimal operation.

How the Process Works

Interested in a Clinical Pilates appointment with VanCity Physio? The process begins with an initial consultation, where we discuss the issue at hand and design a customized treatment program that addresses your specific goals and your body’s needs. Subsequent appointments can then be booked on an as necessary basis.


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