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  • Angela Lo at Vancity Physio, Vancouver Physiotherapists
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Angela Lo

Angela is a dedicated and compassionate physiotherapist, driven by a profound passion for improving the lives of others through personalized care and evidence-based interventions. With a strong educational background and a commitment to continuous learning, Angela stands out as a trusted healthcare professional in her field.

Angela obtained her Master of Physical Therapy from the University of Western Ontario in 2023, following the completion of her Bachelor of Science in Biology at the University of British Columbia. This comprehensive educational journey equipped her with the knowledge, skills, and clinical expertise necessary to excel in the field of physiotherapy.

The decision to pursue a career in physiotherapy was deeply rooted in Angela's own experiences as a patient. Having personally witnessed the transformative power of physiotherapy on her own well-being, Angela was inspired to enter this field with the belief that it plays a vital role in enhancing quality of life and empowering individuals to achieve their functional goals.

Angela's passion for forging meaningful connections with her patients led her to join the team at Treloar. Drawn to the clinic's commitment to providing individualized, evidence-based care, Angela found herself aligned with the clinic's values and philosophy. Additionally, the opportunity to collaborate with a supportive and cohesive team of healthcare professionals at Treloar further solidified her decision to join the practice.

As a clinician, Angela is deeply committed to fostering holistic and personalized care for individuals of all ages, professions, and activity levels. Her dedication to continuous learning ensures that she stays abreast of the latest advancements in her field, allowing her to guide her patients towards their goals and effectively manage and reduce pain.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Angela is passionate about nurturing herself and her loved ones. She finds joy in engaging in a variety of activities, including Pilates, yoga, HIIT, and recreational sports. As a self-proclaimed foodie, Angela delights in exploring the culinary landscape of her surroundings, always on the lookout for new and exciting dining experiences.

With her unwavering commitment to improving the lives of others and her dedication to ongoing personal and professional growth, Angela continues to make a positive impact in the field of physiotherapy, one patient at a time.

Angela Lo at Vancity Physio, Vancouver PhysiotherapistsAngela Lo