5 Exercises to do While Sitting at Your Desk

5 Exercises to do While Sitting at Your Desk

We’ve been discussing sitting the last few weeks on the blog, highlighting the damage caused by too much sitting and giving tips for how to sit properly at your desk. This week, we’re getting pro-active, highlighting some simple exercises you can do while sitting at your desk.

While they aren’t likely to get you fit enough to win gold at the Olympics, there are plenty of strengthening exercises you can do at your desk that will make a difference to your physical wellbeing.

Our hectic lives mean it can be hard to make time for physical exercise. This leads to a situation where we have to reduce our usual exercise program, cut corners when at the gym, and even skimp on sleep. Rather than continuing to subtract from our fitness regimen, isn’t it time we started making some additions?

In situations like this, it pays to get creative. That’s why taking the time to incorporate some simple exercises while you sit can have a hugely beneficial effect. It also grants you a moment to take a break, calm your mind and refocus on the task at hand. Here’s five of our favourite exercises to do while sitting at a desk.

Foot Drill

Familiar with jogging on the spot? The foot drill is much the same concept. While seated, simply tap your feet up and down rapidly for 30 seconds. Try and do this four times a day.

Shoulder Raises

Sitting at a desk and using a mouse/keyboard leads to a lot of tension in our upper back and neck. Raising shoulders towards the ear, holding for 10 seconds, then relaxing can help to break up this tension. Try to align it with a deep intake of breath that’s exhaled as the shoulders relax downwards.’

Back Twist

Great for stretching the spine, a back twist is a simple hold position that can be done in any chair. To start, place your right arm behind your right hip, or on the back of the chair. Twist to the right until you’re looking directly over your right arm. Hold this for ten seconds, then repeat on the other side.

Chair Dips

We’ll preface this by asking to ensure the arms of the chair you are in can support your weight! While seated, place your hands on the armrest and scoot your bottom to the front of the chair. Slowly straighten your arms and lift your body off the chair. Hold this position for a period of ten seconds before slowly coming back down.

Take a Walking Break

Ok, we’re cheating a little with our final suggestion but walking just can’t be excluded. It will leave you re-energized and refreshed. It’s also a great way to burn extra calories and be social with workmates. Instead of sending another email, why not walk over and say hello instead?

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