Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Book a Physiotherapy session?

Booking a session with VanCity Physio couldn't be easier! Simply visit our online booking portal, pick the service you're interested in and select a time. If we need any further details, we will be in touch to confirm.

I have back pain, can a Physiotherapist help?

Back pain is caused by many different factors, a physiotherapist will look holistically at your whole body to identify the source of the problem and work with you to solve it.

What is the Difference between an “Individual” and a “Corporate” booking?

Our individual sessions are booked by the person who intends to receive the service. Our corporate bookings are made by businesses who want to offer our services to their staff. For corporate bookings, the allocated slots we will be there for allows team members and employees pick the time (from the available slots) that suits them.

Do you offer Corporate Workshops?

Our team specializes in Posture Workshops and Workplace Ergonomics Demonstrations. If you'd like to book this service for your workplace contact us.

My hamstrings are tight, is Physiotherapy right for me?

With more and more of us sitting at a desk all day for work, it can lead to tight hamstrings. Working with a physiotherapist can help to resolve this issue.

What if I have a quick physio question, or need to clear up an issue?

Vancity Physio is dedicated to providing world class service to our clients. The built-in messaging service in Physitrack allows our patients to message us at any time. Please allow up to 24 hours for us to respond, free of charge. We’re committed to going the extra mile for our clients!

I have extended benefits from my employer, can they be used for Physiotherapy?

Absolutely! We don't do direct billing but we will provide a receipt that can be used for reimbursement, depending on your plan.

How is Payment Handled?

Payments are made online via credit card. The credit card is stored on your profile and charged after your session. You will receive an email receipt to confirm payment has been made. You will use this receipt to submit to your third-party provider (Manulife, Green Shield, Pacific Blue Cross and many others).

Will I Receive Exercises to Help Me Recover?

In most cases, exercises will be prescribed to help promote long term muscle health. We use the PhysiApp Platform to deliver this exercise plan to clients. Clients receive an access code that allows them to login and view their tailored exercise plan. Clients can directly message us through the app with any questions relating to the exercise.

How Will I Know How to Do the Exercises?

PhysiApp contains crystal clear and professionally narrated videos that detail how to perform the exercises correctly. Users can also opt in to notifications to remind them when it’s time to do their prescribed exercises.

What is IMS and is it Suitable for Me?

IMS (Intramuscular Stimulation) is a technique that Physiotherapists use to release muscles that are causing chronic musculoskeletal or neuropathic pain. Before proceeding with IMS treatment on a client we will examine their unique needs and decide if IMS treatment is appropriate for their injury.

I still have Questions; how can I get in Touch?

No matter what your question is, we’ll be happy to help! Simply fill out the form on our contact us page and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Virtual Physiotherapy

I’m new to TelePhysio, how do I know it’s right for me?

Through TelePhysio, we can assess your symptoms, observe how you move and diagnose your problem. It’s also perfect for providing advice and exercise prescription that can decrease or entirely eliminate your symptoms. In the unlikely event you continue to feel pain, we can arrange an in-person visit with one of our Physiotherapists where a 30-minute follow up is used for hands-on manual therapy. As we have already diagnosed your issue and provided education in symptom management, these 30 minutes are maximized toward the hands-on manual therapy that will usually fix the problem.

What will my first TelePhysio session look like?

Our first appointment is an opportunity for you to describe the issue you’re having and for us to discover the most effective way to help you recover. Please wear loose fitting, comfortable gym-type clothing and complete our intake form in advance. Once you’re settled in, we will carry out a video assessment and discuss the issues you’ve been having. We will then proceed to a tailored treatment plan that is unique to your needs.

How Effective is TelePhysio?

Though it’s a relatively new field in Physiotherapy, extensive research has already been conducted into TelePhysio. The results have been extremely positive! It’s proven to be just as effective as an in-person assessment, with the Physio’s experience and eye for physical cues allowing them to accurately assess the patient in the vast majority of cases. We’re firm believers in the potential of TelePhysio to reach and help more clients than traditional physiotherapy.

Clinical Physiotherapy

Do you offer In-Person Treatments?

We offer in-person treatments at our clinic locations, as well as through our mobile physiotherapy service for corporate clients. Visit our booking page to select where you'd like to receive an in-person treatment.

Are payments for in-person treatments processed online?

If you arrange an in-person treatment, fees will be paid during your visit. At this time we are only able to accept online payments for our tele-physio service.

Can I Request an In-Person Treatment at my Workplace?

We are happy to receive requests to add new locations to our in-person treatment options, and offer mobile physiotherapy for our corporate clients. Learn more and request corporate services here, or contact us at to discuss your individual needs.