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Physiotherapy aims to improve your quality of life. Whether you are recovering from a car accident, a recent post-operative surgery patient, or simply someone struggling with chronic pain, clinical physiotherapy can help restore physical function and prevent future injuries.

Our team of clinically trained physiotherapists can assess, diagnose, and treat injuries related to muscle, bone, ligament, joint, and nerve pain. Our treatments include manual therapy, IMS, concussion therapy, clinical Pilates, and more.


If you are experiencing pain in your joints, muscles, bones, ligaments, or nerves, clinical physiotherapy can help you get on the road to recovery.  We offer treatment programs for every type of person, from professional athletes to ICBC claimants. 

Clinical physiotherapy can help improve the following conditions:

• Recurring athletic injuries

• Arthritis

• Pre and postnatal preparation

• Muscle or injury rehabilitation

• General strength and flexibility training

• Post-operative care for rotator cuff injuries, hip replacements, ACL surgery, hernias or abdominal surgery, meniscal injuries, knee replacements, and more.


Every clinical physiotherapy treatment starts with a detailed assessment where your physiotherapist will learn more about your condition, medical history, and guide you through gentle movements to determine the root cause of your pain. Depending on your injury and pain, our physiotherapists may recommend a variety of treatments. This will include:
• A tailored exercise program specific to your level
• Access to our online exercise tracking app, Physitrack.
• A supportive and collaborative approach from our physiotherapists.
• Enjoyment from the process of learning about yourself, the body, mind and movement.


Treatment plans will vary depending on the scope and severity of your injury. An initial assessment will determine the severity of your injury and your goals for recovery. Pilates equipment may be used in conjunction with posturing, breathing exercises, manual therapy, IMS (dry needling), electrotherapy, and other standard physiotherapy techniques depending on your needs. All of our treatment plans are tailored to individual clients and we always ensure you have the tools and resources to continue your treatment at home.


Come dressed in appropriate attire so your physiotherapist may have easy access to the area of concern. Whenever starting a new physiotherapy program, bring a list of any medications to your first appointment, along with any relevant X-rays and MRIs. If you’re experiencing pain symptoms beforehand, make a note of them and be sure to tell your therapist ahead of time. If you are involved in an accident claim with ICBC, be sure to get treatment approval before your sessions begin.


After your appointment you will receive a PDF document with your exercises and access to our exercise library with your specific program. Post-session recommendations will depend on treatments given. We may sometimes recommend rest, and other times recommend movement. Be sure to consult your physiotherapist before resuming any regular activities.

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Initial Assessment - $120
Follow Up Session - $100
Follow Up Session (Extended)- $135

To maximize your session’s value, and take advantage of our diverse treatment options, fees are inclusive of all treatments used during your session. Your physiotherapist will work with you to help assess which treatments will be most beneficial during your visit.

VanCity Physio offers direct billing.

I attribute my personal physical success to Vancity Physio's knowledge, personality, and example. Not only did Vancity Physio help me to reach my personal physical goals, but they also empowered me with the knowledge of a healthier lifestyle which has allowed me to greatly surpass those goals.

— Matt S.
1 / 4

I saw Ranko for my first physio visit. I am a dentist and experience tightness in my neck and shoulders a lot. Ranko did a thorough assessment and recommended the proper treatment best suited for my needs.

My body felt so relaxed and relieved after my visit with Ranko. He gave me suggestions on how I can best prevent further injuries due to my work. Since them I have noticed huge improvements in my range of motion and less discomfort in my head and shoulders.

— Dr. Neda R.
2 / 4

I had the pleasure of being personal trained by Ranko Vukovic for a 4 month period prior to an event last year. I was introduced to another viewpoint of what "being in shape" actually is comprised of. He helped me be openminded to an assortment of different exercises/stretches and training material. I was pleased with the results within a short period of time and continue to utilize the tools and suggestions that were taught to me. If anyone is looking for a motivating trainer and overall great guy, I highly suggest him!

— Mao W.
3 / 4

My Physiotherapist not only explained how to do the exercises, but also the benefits of doing them. I have greatly improved and I'm happy with my progress. I strongly recommend Vancity Physio.

— Don K
4 / 4