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Kinesiologists are dedicated to optimizing your body’s performance through exercise and movement. Bringing a multidisciplinary scientific approach, our kinesiologists are expertly trained and dedicated to their craft. Kinesiology can help improve acute care post-injury,  prevent future injuries, and train you to move better for life.


Our team focuses on overcoming long standing injuries, reducing chronic pain, and helping clients achieve their wellness and health goals. Patients who are rehabilitating injuries, high-performance athletes, and anyone looking to improve their overall health can benefit from this service. 

Benefits of kinesiology include:

• Reducing aches and pains

• Healing past or new injuries

• Preventing future injuries

• Reducing chronic pain symptoms

• Improving balance

• Boosting immune function

Vancouver Physiotherapy Clinic Kinesiology


Kinesiology uses a mix of strength, conditioning, flexibility, cardiovascular training, and education to improve overall health and performance. Our registered Kinesiologists will work with you to help you recover by empowering you to combat your injuries through movement and exercise base techniques. Your Kinesiologist will educate you on effective pain management strategies using a customized exercise program that will be designed around your specific injuries and goals to give you the tools and the confidence needed to achieve your desired function.


Our Kinesiologists work hand in hand with our Physiotherapists to offer one-on-one treatment and detailed assessments to our clients. They will work with you to not only help you move better but also educate you and prescribe exercises/treatment.
You will receive:
• One on one treatment
• Detailed assessment to understand current fitness or recovery level to determine goals.
• An attainable game plan and personalized exercises to reach goals


Come in appropriate attire to allow your Kinesiologist to perform an assessment of your injuries, and ready to move your way to a better tomorrow! If you’re experiencing pain symptoms beforehand, make a note of them and be sure to tell your therapist ahead of time. If you are involved in an accident claim with ICBC or WorkSafe BC, be sure to get treatment approval before your sessions begin.


Some post exercise soreness is normal and nothing to worry about. Soreness and tenderness should fade in 24-36 hours.

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I attribute my personal physical success to Vancity Physio's knowledge, personality, and example. Not only did Vancity Physio help me to reach my personal physical goals, but they also empowered me with the knowledge of a healthier lifestyle which has allowed me to greatly surpass those goals.

— Matt S.
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Vancity Physio has played a pivotal role in my journey to healing my back after a car accident in 2017. Their positive attitude and ability to build instant rapport with each of his clients constantly amazes me.

Their dedication to solving the mystery behind my injury and constant support in advocating for my health has been a necessary component to the success I've had treating this injury.

I trust Vancity Physio fully with this injury and I will undoubtedly be visiting any time I need to see a physiotherapist in the future. Do yourself a favour and book in now!

— Gabrielle D.
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I wanted to take a moment to write you a note of gratitude for your time and efforts during my recovery. Your attitude, depth of knowledge, and commitment really helped me through one of the roughest times in my life.

— M. Goddard
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Siara Kainth



Meet Siara, a devoted and passionate healthcare professional whose extensive expertise spans kinesiology and physiotherapy. Siara is unwavering in her commitment to helping individuals of all ages attain their health and wellness aspirations through personalized care and evidence-based approaches.

Professional Journey
  1. Physiotherapist: Siara's pursuit of excellence led her to complete a Master's degree in Physiotherapy in the United Kingdom, broadening her global perspective on healthcare and rehabilitation. She is currently in the process of transferring her degree and as an interim physiotherapist, she is eagerly anticipating her final licensing exam which is slated for February 2024.
  2. PhD Pursuit: Siara is currently dedicated to a part-time PhD program in Rehabilitation Sciences at UBC, reflecting her unwavering dedication to advancing the field of rehabilitation and contributing to pioneering research.
  3. Certified Kinesiologist: Siara completed her undergraduate studies in Kinesiology at the esteemed University of British Columbia (UBC), where she cultivated a profound understanding of human movement, exercise science, and rehabilitation. As a kinesiologist, Siara possesses the skills and knowledge to evaluate movement patterns, prescribe tailored exercise regimens, and offer guidance to enhance physical well-being.
  4. Trainer: Siara has also worked one-on-one with individuals recovering from injuries or facing physical limitations. Her adaptable teaching approach ensures that all clients can access health benefits and achieve their wellness goals.

Services Offered

Physiotherapy Support: Siara provides physiotherapy support services designed to assist clients on their path to recovery. With experience across a wide spectrum of injuries and conditions, Siara tailors individualized programs to optimize rehabilitation and enhance overall functionality.

Personal Interests

Beyond her professional life, Siara is a fervent advocate for a healthy and active lifestyle. She is currently training for an Ironman 70.3 race, showcasing her unwavering dedication to physical fitness and personal growth. Siara is a true nature enthusiast who savors outdoor adventures and shares these moments with her loyal companion, Hunter. Their mutual love for shopping seamlessly combines style and fitness in their daily lives.

With an in-depth understanding of the human body, an unyielding commitment to continuous learning, and an ardent desire to assist others, Siara stands as your trusted partner in realizing your health and wellness objectives. Whether you're on the path to recovery, seeking to enhance your physical function, or exploring the transformative benefits of yoga, Siara is here to guide and support you every step of the way.

Our team. Vancity Physiotherapy located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Your trusted Physiotherapy experts.

Christopher Cardinal


Chris is a registered Kinesiologist and a practicing member of the British Columbia Association of Kinesiologists (BCAK). He is passionate about helping others, improving quality of life and staying in motion! 

In 2019 Chris graduated from the University of Ottawa from the Human Kinetics Program. While at UOttawa. Chris volunteered as an exercise therapist for the MS Society and became practiced in working with neurological disorders and rehabilitation programming. Since graduating, he has been working with a wide variety of clients such as those with musculoskeletal injuries, car accidents (including ICBC), and chronic pain.

Our team. Vancity Physiotherapy located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Your trusted Physiotherapy experts.