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Things can be quite scary after a Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) or other traumatic injury, and we want to help you make that recovery process as easy and clear as possible. Our therapy team will help you figure out what health services are most appropriate for your situation and get you set up. Active Rehabilitation involves up to 60 minutes of 1 on 1 assessment and treatment with a Registered Kinesiologist to help you recover under the ICBC Enhanced Accident Benefits.

Active rehabilitation puts the patient in control of their health. In active rehab sessions, you won’t be manipulated by an expert, but will instead be actively moving yourself. Using evidence-based treatments, you’ll work closely with your kinesiologist to improve strength, balance, endurance, and functional ability. All sessions are tailored to your needs and require active participation to be successful.


Active rehabilitation is great for anyone who wants to get back to activities they love without experiencing pain. Post-concussion patients, those with musculoskeletal injuries, or individuals who have been involved in an ICBC accident claim are a good fit for this service.

Benefits of active rehab include:

• Reduced pain

• Improved motion and ability

• Strength building

• Better health

• Shorter recovery time after injury

• Prevention of future injury

• Improved overall fitness and health

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Active rehab combines core stability, strengthening, stretching, and postural adjustments with tailored exercise programs. These treatments are safe for both acute and chronic conditions as all programs are completely customized to the patient. Holistic considerations, such as rest, nutrition, and mindset may also be included in your treatment plan.The program structure will depend on the severity and scope of your injury. All sessions are conducted one-on-one with a Registered Kinesiologist.


Your first appointment will include an assessment to discuss any injuries, medical issues, or goals. From there, your kinesiologist will create an exercise-based treatment plan that is tailored to your needs. Further sessions will be scheduled on a rotating basis. Home exercises will also be recommended.


If you have an ICBC claim, you’ll need to be approved first before beginning your active rehab treatments. Bring a list of any medications, previous injuries, medical conditions, and information on Gradual Return to Work Programs (GRTW) if you are involved in that process. Please come to your first appointment in appropriate clothing for exercise.


Some post exercise soreness is normal and nothing to worry about. Soreness and tenderness should fade in 24-36 hours.

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Vancity Physio's vast knowledge brought me great results. When I began working with them I was on crutches, and today I am so much stronger and can function so much better. I feel that I have jumped leaps and bounds, and I am very excited to utilize my new knowledge.
My therapist put a great deal of time and effort into my rehabilitation, and gave me the tools I needed to move onward and forward.

— Deborah H.
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I wanted to take a moment to write you a note of gratitude for your time and efforts during my recovery. Your attitude, depth of knowledge, and commitment really helped me through one of the roughest times in my life.

— M. Goddard
2 / 3

Vancity Physio has played a pivotal role in my journey to healing my back after a car accident in 2017. Their positive attitude and ability to build instant rapport with each of his clients constantly amazes me.

Their dedication to solving the mystery behind my injury and constant support in advocating for my health has been a necessary component to the success I've had treating this injury.

I trust Vancity Physio fully with this injury and I will undoubtedly be visiting any time I need to see a physiotherapist in the future. Do yourself a favour and book in now!

— Gabrielle D.
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Jack Perry

Active Rehabilitation

Jack grew up in the United Kingdom and obtained a bachelor's degree in Sport Development with Coaching from the University of Northumbria. 

Over the past five years Jack has continued his education in the pursuit of offering the most up  to date knowledge to his clients. These include Trigger Point Therapy, and becoming a Certified Nutrition Coach, Female S trength Training Coach,  Certified Glute Specialist, and Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach. 

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