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TMJ Physiotherapy

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Your temporomandibular joint is one of the most overused joints in your body. The TMJ connects your jawbone to your skull with two joints on either side. If you experience pain in this area, you may be suffering from a TMJ disorder. Physiotherapy for TMJ can be used to reduce inflammation in the joint and relieve TMJ-related symptoms such as headaches, neck problems, and ear pain.


TMJ disorders can be caused by arthritis, dental trauma, disc displacements, car accidents, and muscular strain. TMJ disorders often affect speech, swallowing, eating, and breathing. The ligaments attached to the TMJ can also cause acute pain in the neck, ear, and head. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it may be a sign your TMJ needs treatment. Our physiotherapists can help treat your TMJ in a holistic manner through posture correction, jaw exercises, manual therapy, laser, and ultrasound treatments.



If a patient is assessed to have TMJ arising from a stiff joint (usually as a result of past trauma that resulted in stiffness) our physiotherapists can use manual therapy techniques to get the joints moving properly again. We will then prescribe specific stretches that will help you to maintain the range of motion improvement between visits. This can help in reducing muscle spasms, strengthening hypermobile joints, pain relief and TMJ dysfunction. Other physiotherapy techniques, such as laser therapy and ultrasounds, may also be used on a case-by-case basis.


Our physiotherapists will assess your TMJ and create a treatment plan to get you on the road to recovery. Treatments can include manual therapy, Myofascial treatment, IMS, acupuncture, and range of motion stretching. All of our treatment methods use the latest TMJ rehab technology to ensure your recovery process is effective and efficient.


Whenever starting a new physiotherapy program, bring a list of any medications to your first appointment, along with any relevant X-rays and MRIs. If you’re experiencing pain symptoms beforehand, make a note of them and be sure to tell your therapist ahead of time. If you are involved in an accident claim with ICBC, be sure to get treatment approval before your sessions begin.

Masks are manditory for in-person treatment, in compliance with BC's mask mandate. Please read our Covid-19 procedures for more information.


After a physiotherapy session, You will receive advice specific to your needs. This could include resting the jaw, trying to control habits that cause jaw pain, and avoiding chewing foods that stress the joint.

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Initial Assessment - $125
Follow Up Session - $110

To book, please select Clinical Physiotherapy from our online booking platform. To maximize your session’s value, and take advantage of our diverse treatment options, fees are inclusive of all treatments used during your session. Your physiotherapist will work with you to help assess which treatments will be most beneficial during your visit.

VanCity Physio offers direct billing.

I saw Ranko for my first physio visit. I am a dentist and experience tightness in my neck and shoulders a lot. Ranko did a thorough assessment and recommended the proper treatment best suited for my needs.

My body felt so relaxed and relieved after my visit with Ranko. He gave me suggestions on how I can best prevent further injuries due to my work. Since them I have noticed huge improvements in my range of motion and less discomfort in my head and shoulders.

I have also referred my TMJ patients and my fiancé to him. I fully trust his expertise :)

— Dr. Neda R.
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I wanted to take a moment to write you a note of gratitude for your time and efforts during my recovery. Your attitude, depth of knowledge, and commitment really helped me through one of the roughest times in my life.

— M. Goddard
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