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Clinical Pilates

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Clinical Pilates is a therapeutic exercise that helps build core stability, balance, strength, and flexibility through specific physiotherapist-led movements. Breathing, spinal alignment, and abdominal connection are also covered in this practice. 

Pilates begins with a detailed physiotherapy assessment and determination of patient goals. From here, we design an integrative movement “repertoire” to optimize control of your core stabilizing muscles, and improve overall body awareness, movement quality and strength.

Clinical Pilates is a great way to prevent future injuries or aid in the healing of chronic issues. If you think clinical pilates is right for you, talk to your physiotherapist today!


Clinical Pilates can be used to treat back and neck pain, sports injuries, stress injuries, muscle strains, pre and post-natal pain, arthritis, stiffness, hyper-mobility, and more. Pilates emphasizes the importance of the core, so this treatment is great for addressing problems related to the lumbo-pelvic-hip complex. Patients looking to practice non-impact strengthening may also find this service beneficial. 

Benefits of clinical pilates include:

• Improved balance

• Core stability

• Muscular strength

• Flexibility

• Injury prevention

• Reduced neck and back pain

• Breathing control

• Overall body tone and fitness

Vancouver Physiotherapy Clinical Pilates strength training


Clinical Pilates uses manual therapy skills alongside a dedicated roster of exercises to improve injury rehabilitation and prevent future pain. This practice emphasizes core strength, ergonomics, control, and breathing. Using traditional movement principles of pilates, alongside medical knowledge gained by registered physiotherapists, clinical pilates can improve spinal stability, core strength, flexibility, and balance, all while preventing future injury. All sessions are performed one-on-one with our dedicated clinical pilates specialist.


During your session, your physiotherapist will perform a general assessment and tailor their practice to your needs. You will be led through a series of movements on a clinical pilates machine based on your assessed needs. At-home exercises will also be recommended to improve the efficiency of the practice. Clinical Pilates is often an ongoing practice, so your treatment will evolve over time as you improve your overall mobility.


Come prepared in comfortable, moveable, breathable clothing that will be easy to exercise in. Many of the exercises involve lifting your legs or being on your hands and knees, so we advise against short shorts or low-cut tops. Bare feet or socks with grip are preferred over running shoes.


After your session, discuss with your instructor an appropriate schedule for regular maintenance of your one on one sessions.

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Brita Unger

Clinical Pilates

Brita is a Pilates instructor whose practice and teachings apply the broad principles of Pilates to help others on their quest to a greater level of physical excellence. As a former competitive gymnast, her love for sports and fitness and interest in body mechanics is what attracted her to Pilates.

She is passionate about helping others achieve their physical goals. With over 1000hrs of training Brita is mat and apparatus certified through the Boulder Pilates Centre, one of the most comprehensive programs in the world.

Over the past 7 years, she has been working with a large range of clients from age 14-95 improving coordination, balance and core strength as well as partnering with physiotherapists in alleviating pain and injury rehabilitation. Her focus is on correcting misalignments, promoting new muscular patterns and increasing core strength to uniformly develop the body.

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