Baby Got No Back Problems

Baby Got No Back Problems

A great low intensity exercise is glute bridges. As the name suggests, they target the glute muscle group, which is very important for overall and low back health as it’s the biggest muscle in the body! 

This exercise is also easily modified to suit your level of intensity!

Here are the steps to properly doing a glute bridge. 

  • We start by lying down on our back, bend the knees to around 45 degrees. 
  • Think about pulling your bellybutton to the floor, this will help create some tension in your abdominal, we want to hold onto this tension
  • Push through your feet, squeeze the glutes/buttocks to lift your hips off the ground, just until your legs and torso are in line with each other. 
  • Hold for 1 second at the top, and slowly release your hips down to the floor, and repeat. 
  • Do this 8-12 before resting until you’re ready to go again, repeating the cycle 3 times.

We can modify and progress this exercise by changing the amount of time we hold at the top, raising one foot off the ground to add balance and focus on one side at a time, or by adding weight by placing it on top of our hips. 

Enjoy your back feeling better, your butt being stronger and your abdominals being more toned! 

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