Elbow Bursitis – What is it?

Elbow Bursitis – What is it?

Olecranon bursitis is a condition in which the bursa (a small fluid-filled sac) located at the tip of the elbow becomes inflamed and swollen. This can cause pain, tenderness, and a noticeable bump at the back of the elbow. The bursa serves to cushion and protect the joint, but when it becomes inflamed, it can cause discomfort and limited range of motion in the arm. 

It’s typically different in it’s presentation compared to tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow, which is primarily a tendon problem, and does not usually have a strong inflammatory component.

Causes of olecranon bursitis can include injury, infection, or repetitive use of the elbow joint. 

There are several signs and symptoms that may suggest you have olecranon bursitis. These can include:

  1. Pain or tenderness at the back of the elbow
  2. Swelling or a noticeable bump at the tip of the elbow
  3. Limited range of motion in the arm or elbow
  4. Redness or warmth around the affected area
  5. Discomfort or pain when resting your elbow on a surface or when extending your arm

Treatment options may include rest, ice, compression, and medication and physiotherapy. 

In some cases, draining the fluid from the bursa or steroid injections may also be necessary should conservative options be exhausted.

If you are experiencing these symptoms, it is recommended that you see a healthcare professional for an accurate diagnosis and treatment.

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