Five Tips for Creating a More Posture Friendly Workplace

Five Tips for Creating a More Posture Friendly Workplace

Each year, millions of work days are lost due to work related musculoskeletal disorders. The clients we tend to see with these problems typically sit for prolonged periods of time at a desk for their jobs. This position puts pressure on the back and neck, leading to soreness, stiffness and poorer quality of life. The good news is, employers can help by making their workplace more ‘posture friendly.’

Here are five tips for creating a healthier and more posture friendly workplace for your team.

Host a Posture Workshop

During a posture workshop, attendees will learn the benefits of maintaining a good posture while they work. They’ll be instructed on the correct way to set up their workstation, and the cues to look out for to maintain good posture. The instructor, typically a physiotherapist or occupational therapist, will also give advice on stretches and strength training that will help improve posture.

Invest in Staff Workstations

Whether it’s high quality chairs with neck supports, lumbar support pillows, or even a standing desk, investing in your staff’s workstations will help staff to maintain good posture habits. Sure, it might be expensive up front but you will save countless lost days and staff trips to the physiotherapists. If staff request ergonomic mice or keyboards, consider purchasing them. Elbows should be placed at the side of the body while working, with arms forming an L-shape at the elbow.

Conduct a Monitor Check

Different people like their monitors to be placed in different positions. However, having the computer screen placed in the right position is essential for avoiding neck strain. The screen should be placed directly in front of the user with the top of the screen sitting at eye level. Monitor stands are cheap and easily available for staff whose monitors sit too low.

Don’t Forget to Move

As we often tell clients, the human body isn’t meant to stay sitting in the same position for eight hours per day! It’s vital (and free) to get up and walk around once per hour. When a person is sitting stationary, they become lethargic and energy levels will decrease. Going for a mini-walk, even to grab a glass of water, will ensure they keep limber and on top of their water intake.

Encourage Exercise

More and more employers are offering credit towards gym memberships as a staff perk. This pro-active move will encourage staff to take ownership of their wellness by working out. A lot of common aches and pains can be addressed by adopting a more active lifestyle. A fitter team is a team with more energy and less absences due to chronic pain.

Find Out More

Interested in booking a posture workshop for your team? To find out more, or book an appointment, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.