How Do Physiotherapists Help?

How Do Physiotherapists Help?

When you ask the average person what they think of when you say the word “Physiotherapy” you will get a range of different answers and opinions.

Some have no idea what Physiotherapy entails, some think it’s somewhere along the lines of massage therapy, or chiropractic.

Some people have described to me during our sessions their experiences with physios. I’ve heard everything from:

oh, they’ve told me to just do nothing- and they put a heat pack on me”

“They gave me a few exercises, that’s about it- they didn’t give me a treatment plan”

“They had me ride on a stationary bike, put some electric pads on me and sent me on my way”

Fortunately, those statements aren’t the usual case, and shouldn’t define our profession.

From the BC college of physiotherapy, their definition states:

Physical therapists are registered healthcare professionals who specialize in how the human body movesPhysical therapists treat people who have a loss of function from health conditions, injuries, or disabilities.


The first step is assessment. When you first visit a physical therapist, they will:

* Talk to you about the history of the problem you’re experiencing

* Examine your muscles and joints to assess your movement and strength

* They may also do some on-the-spot tests and take some measurements

Once the assessment is complete, your physical therapist will:

* Explain their initial thoughts and findings with you

* Discuss possible goals and treatment options available

* Work with you to make a treatment plan based on your goals

* Monitor your progress and modify treatment as needed

One key aspect in all physical therapy is education. Throughout your treatment, your physical therapist will teach you:

* About your body and how it moves

* How to do exercises safely and effectively

* How to manage your condition and prevent future problems

I think this statement accurately describes what our profession is about and aiming to do with each and every patient that walks through the door. Is your physiotherapist applying some of these principles above?

If not, come see us here at Vancity Physio and we can help you get back to your active lifestyle.

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