How often should I go to Physio?

How often should I go to Physio?

When do I need to book in for physiotherapy treatment ?

You’re playing beach volleyball, you dive for the ball and land in the wrong way. You’re able to power through and play on but your forearm still feels sore. Good news it’s all worth it because your team wins the game! You make your way home and ice your injured forearm but you still feel sore three days later and it’s still hurting. This is about that time you should book an appointment to see your trusted physiotherapist.

The reason this can be your best option is because physiotherapists can assess and diagnose your injury. Once your problem is addressed they give you a treatment plan that is suited to your specific needs. Your physiotherapist will use these findings to determine a  recommendation of how many visits you’ll need to address your concern.  After each visit, your physiotherapist will document the treatment you received that day, your prescribed therapeutic exercises for home and whatever setback or improvements you’ve had to date. This documentation will be used to track your progress to keep your treatment plan suited to your needs. 

I only have a few sessions of physio covered under my extended benefits so how  often should I be going to physiotherapy treatment? I don’t want to over pay 

After your initial visit, you’ll have a better time frame with what kind of time commitment it will take on your road to recovery. The true reality of treating musculoskeletal pain is that it will take some time!    Most painful injuries will take between 8-12 weeks of treatment to properly complete. This is because this is the time frame your body takes to heal and show  improvement from your treatments and recommended home exercises.

It is advantageous that you address the problem early on, as intervention of a physiotherapist can save you money long term plus ensure you’re pain free.  Not treating your pain early on, can cause lengthy physiotherapy treatments, sick days at work and other financial implications.  It can be assured that your extended benefit plan and financial considerations will be kept in mind in your physiotherapy treatment plan as our main objective is to make sure you’re better not prolonging your treatment.  The good news is your benefit plan will pay a portion towards your treatment. And although it may be possible  you may have to pay a small percentage towards your care, it will be at  a reasonably set price. Some of the best money you can invest in, is the road to you being pain-free with overall improved health.

Book in if your symptoms that show no improvement within 2-3 days. The longer you wait the worse your condition can get. So this is why it’s important to book if the swelling or pain hasn’t improved.  As a standard of care your physiotherapist will track your progress, once your key concerns are met you will be released from treatment with the understanding that if something flares up to book in for a follow-up. You’ll be back on that beach serving at a volleyball game in no time and your forearm pain will hopefully be just a distant memory :)

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