ICBC Rehab and Physiotherapy

ICBC Rehab and Physiotherapy

An early intervention after an accident to see your physiotherapist for an assessment is highly imperative, due to the fact it may take a few days to even a few weeks for symptoms after an accident to creep up.  You may not notice that new nagging neck strain or lower back pain until it has gotten much worse, so it is of great importance to have a thorough assessment by a trained physiotherapist.  Physiotherapists are educated in assessing and treating injuries that result from motor vehicle accidents.  There is a plethora of knowledge that physiotherapists have the can help to treat whiplash, strains, fractures, sprains, chest and knee contusions and so much more…

What you need to know….

As of April 1, 2019, changes were made with how ICBC claims are handled. A doctor referral is now not needed to qualify for treatment. Whether you were at fault in the accident or not, you have access to treatment under this new umbrella.  It should be noted that the accident needs to be recent and you must not have had previous treatment.  

There is a variety of key treatments the claimant has available to them in the first twelve weeks after an accident such as: 25 physiotherapy, 25 chiropractic, 12 psychology treatments, 12 clinical counselling treatments, 12 massage therapy, and 12 kinesiology sessions.  This is great news because it means an early intervention to be treated post-accident is that much easier.  After this time period has passed, your physiotherapist and doctor can request further treatment if this does not resolve your injuries sustained from your accident after the twelve-week time frame.  All costs associated with the listed treatments are covered by ICBC as long as the provider does not charge higher than what ICBC funds under accident benefits.

How we can help…

Most importantly, we can help prevent your accident from having lasting effects in your life.  A motor vehicle accident can cause major injuries that can have detrimental results to a life worth living pain-free. Studies have shown, the sooner pain is treated the better chance one has in making a full recovery.  Physiotherapist can provide hands-on therapy, massage, IMS, take home exercises, postural improvements and so much more.  At VanCity Physio, because we are an approved vendor of ICBC we can directly bill the full cost of your treatments and we do not charge any user fees.    

The information we need for your first appointment….

  1. ICBC claim number
  2. Your Carecard number
  3. The date your accident occurred
  4. Adjuster’s name and phone number

You don’t have to get used to pain from an accident …

Let us help you at VanCity Physio to get back a life free from pain as a result from your motor vehicle accident.  We have the tools and resources to get you back to your regular life  activities and our physiotherapists are highly trained in identifying, treating and improving your agonizing symptoms.  Our team is highly passionate about determining a treatment plan personalized for your specific needs, we do not feel each case is the same.  Book in for your personalized assessment at VanCity Physio so we can help get you back to being you!

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