Vancity Physiotherapy is a physiotherapy clinic located in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Kinesiologists are key in your Road to Recovery

At VanCity Physio, we use our combined services to deliver the highest level of care in your road to recovery.  Although we are a physiotherapy clinic, we recognize access to different health care professionals is essential in the road to recovery.  Kinesiologists are masters of understanding how the body moves therefore they can analyze its movement to help promote fixing any discomforts of the patient and where they can then ensure an increase in movement and/or help fix the mobility of the patient. 

A common question that we receive is “What is the difference between a Kinesiologist and a Physiotherapist”?  A Kinesiologist is a four-year degree program whose primary focus is to study the mechanics of human movement, how they impact health and well-being—they study all aspects of human movement.  People who are attracted to areas such as fitness, athletic performance and physical wellness will gain a theoretical approach throughout the program.  Whereas physiotherapists gain a master’s degree after they complete their four-year program.   Aside from education only, the easiest way to differentiate a Kinesiologist from a physiotherapist is to get patients moving.  They perform active rehab which gets patients stretching, rolling and exercising.  It can feel a lot more active than an appointment with a physiotherapist and at times can be strenuous but with guidance of a trained Kinesiologist precise exercise and movement can help a patient's goals of improved health overall. Many physiotherapists start their education in Kinesiology before entering their master’s program.  We have dedicated Kinesiologists who work alongside our physiotherapists at VanCity Physio. Our physiotherapy team has an educational background in Kinesiology as well.

This collaborative approach works well for us at VanCity Physio because with the combined experts in Kinesiology and physiotherapy we can ensure our patients' rehab is personalized and based on the foundations in physiology, bio-mechanics and anatomy.  From these specialized foundations a collaborative exercise program is based which is formulated for an individualized activity plan to the road to rehab. Specifically, our Kinesiologists will develop a treatment plan which promotes improvement in mobility, increased movement, an increase in circulation, more energy, stress reduction, improved core strength, and stress reduction.   Your treatment will be combined efforts of core stability, strengthening exercises, stretching, and postural adjustments.  Active rehab is safe for both acute and chronic pain and the structure of the program will be based on the severity of the pain and scope of the injury. Active rehab is also very beneficial for ICBC and Work because of the new ICBC mandates as of April 2019, it is much easier to access Kinesiology sessions in ICBC related injuries.   

We hope this gives a bigger picture of how essential a Kinesiologist is in your road to recovery!  So, if you suffer from ICBC related injuries, lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, are on long-term disability, or suffer from acute or chronic pain it would be beneficial to be assessed in order to have our collaborative approach used to get you back to you!  Book in for a full assessment, we’re passionate about your wellness at VanCity Physio.

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