Foam Roller

Make Foam Rolling a Regular Part of Your Routine

As a physiotherapist, I love working with my clients and helping them to maximize their performance. That being said, I want to see them as rarely as possible because that means they are hitting their goals and not suffering from injuries. Regular foam rolling is one of the ways I encourage them to achieve this goal.

Foam rollers are popular because they are cheap, they are effective, and they help to maximize muscle recovery. It’s a self-myofascial release technique that’s more convenient that a deep tissue massage. The best part? A good foam roller can be bought for less than 50 bucks. Here are some of the benefits to foam rolling.

Limits Soreness

Delayed onset muscle soreness, or DOMS as it’s sometimes known, is the most common type of discomfort felt following exercise. When this occurs, a person is feeling a lactic acid build up in their muscles. It usually strikes a day or two after the workout, leaving a person sore when they perform certain movements. Foam rolling breaks down this acidic build up, speeding recovery times.

Improvements to Range of Motion

If your muscles are tight, you won’t be able to exercise as effectively as you could if they were loose. Foam rolling has been proven to boost the elasticity of muscles, allowing them to produce more power at deeper ranges. This effect will snowball, helping to increase performance and even decrease potential for injury.

Reduces Muscle Fatigue

When your muscles are healthy, they should be stretchy and flexible. Unfortunately, when we fatigue our muscles through overuse, they can develop knots, toxins and tensions. Regular foam rolling works out these kinks, allowing your muscles to fully relax and recover so they’re ready for your next workout.

Stress Relief

Foam rolling is also a fantastic stress reliever. If you’ve ever experienced that post-massage or yoga glow it’s because myofascial release has been proven to calm the nervous system. It’s an opportunity to devote dedicated time to the wellbeing of your body that will immediately pay off. Creating elasticity and length in the muscles can also help to deepen breathing.

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