New Year, Fresh Intentions

New Year, Fresh Intentions

To start off our new calendar year of 2022, we want to set our intentions.  We’re committed at VanCity Physio to evolve and change each year to be the best of the best for our clients—and ourselves.    Our vision is for our clients to leave our sessions feeling pain-free, excited about the care they have received, and more knowledgeable about their own bodies.  Our intentions for this year are:

  • Continue to offer top level physiotherapy care
  • Use a collaborative model to make our patients the best they’ve felt
  • Be masters of our practice and continuously learn
  • Put on educational course for the general public
  • Put our therapists through specialized training for issues such as Concussions, Vestibular, pelvic floor, TMJ, etc

There is much here at VanCity that we can look back on in the past few years to be proud of. We have successfully launched two new locations that incorporate our latest services.  At VCP, we’re proud about how we have incorporated technology into our practice with services available such as telehealth therapy and exercise plans assigned to view from home.  VCP has witnessed great results in 2021 by our model of collaborative therapy.  We’re grateful for our hard-working physiotherapists Ranko, Tim and our newest addition Ella.  Our clients cannot help but rave about the exercise regimes from our instructor Brita, or our passionate Kinesiologists Chris and Siara, or the strength and conditioning they have learned from Jack!  We are excited to have Kyi Min who leads our guided meditation.  Most importantly, we cannot thank Naneesha, our Executive Director who you might have talked to over the phone, she is the glue that keeps us all together.  We thank our patients for entrusting us with their care, writing us such great reviews and referring us to their friends and family—we are so appreciative!

Happy New Year from us at Vancity Physio!  

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