New Year, New You - How to Get Started

New Year, New You - How to Get Started

It’s that time of year when we’re all feeling the excesses of the holiday season. It’s a powerful motivator for New Year’s Resolutions about fitness, but you want to make sure that motivation continues past January 31st.

We’ve heard countless patients talk about setting fitness goals, but a lot of them have trouble making those resolutions stick. Here are some simple tips to make 2020 the year you take your fitness to the next level.

Why Are You Doing This?

It’s impossible to stick to a fitness resolution (or any other resolution) unless you really understand why you’re doing it. Sure, we’d all like to get a little fitter or stronger, but that’s not enough. It’s all too easy to hit snooze on the alarm instead of going to the gym if your motivator isn’t strong enough. Start by pinpointing exactly why you want to make this change. Think of the times you wish things were different. Write down these thoughts and use them to push yourself when the motivation is lacking.

Start Small, Build Momentum

For many clients we see, the first few weeks of a lifestyle change are the most difficult. Old habits can be hard to break and it takes a while for fitness to become a new, strong habit. During this time, don’t try to change too much too quickly. Break your fitness goals into smaller more achievable chunks. Don’t be afraid to cut yourself some slack. Even the most dedicated fitness addicts enjoy cheat meals and rest days.

Work with an Accountability Partner

It’s tougher to break a resolution if someone else is along for the ride. Work with an accountability partner, have them accompany you to the gym or out on activities. Their presence will stop you from quitting, or skipping a planned session. Struggling to find the right person? Log your fitness activities online, share it on social media. You’ll find the vast majority of people will be supportive and helpful. Working with a partner shares the load and you’ll have someone with you, going through the same things, when times are tough.

Measure Your Progress

If you want to make progress with your fitness, it pays to measure how you’re doing. Whether it’s counting steps, tracking your runs using fitness apps, or tracking how much weight you’re lifting in a journal, it’s super important to keep tracking how you’re doing. Push yourself by regularly adding extra distance, extra reps or increasing the weight. Constantly keeping your body guessing (and working hard) is the way to achieve fitness goals. If you feel pain, or any discomfort out of the ordinary, back off and consult with a professional.

Make it Fun

Fitness shouldn’t be a chore. We do it to set ourselves up to lead a rich and full life, but it doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun along the way! It’s tough to consistently force yourself to do something you hate. Don’t enjoy running? Cycling is just as good a workout! Try a team sport you used to enjoy, listen to podcasts or music while you workout. A lot of gyms even have TVs set up so you can watch while you work.

Ready to Help

Whether you need help treating injury, or are looking to put together a killer workout program, VanCity Physio is standing by to assist. To find out more, or book an appointment, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.