Physiotherapy Kinesiology vs. Personal Trainer

Personal Training VS Kinesiologist

Don’t know the difference between a personal trainer and kinesiologist? You are not the only  one! 

When trying to decide who you need to see, it is important to understand first off what your  goals are and what you need and what certain professions can offer. Another major thing you  should consider is ensuring that the personnel is “certified” and/or “registered” to ensure they  have the proper credentials and are in good standing with an accredited body. Essentially  anyone can call themselves a personal trainer for example: 

Certified Personal Trainer:  is  someone who has had formal education, is governed under a body and has to complete a  certain amount of continuing education each year.  

A Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) is someone who has completed an accredited course  learning about anatomy and physiology, bio-mechanics and exercise as a whole. 

Registered Kinesiologist: is someone who has completed a 4-year Bachelor's Degree in  Kinesiology from a University and is a good standing member of the BC Association of  Kinesiologists.  

Both professions are required to participate in continuing education each year to further  expand their knowledge and both are “experts” in exercise.  

The difference comes in when looking at the level of education (certificate vs degree) and  scope of practice. A Certified Personal Trainer’s scope of practice is limited to “developing and  implementing appropriate exercise programs, assisting clients in setting and achieving realistic  fitness goals, and teaching correct exercise methods and progression” (NSCA). 

Whereas, a  Registered Kinesiologist’s scope of practice encompasses that of a personal trainers as well as  working “closely with clients to prevent and treat illness or injury; improve physical  performance; manage the delivery of individual health care plans; provide workplace design services; and support rehabilitation and wellness management” often alongside other  healthcare professionals.  

If you are looking solely for an exercise program that does not involve managing an illness to  any injuries, a Certified Personal Trainer is likely the way to go. However, if you have a history  or current injury or illness to take into consideration, were in a car accident, workplace incident  or have kinesiology services as a part of your benefits, a Registered Kinesiologist is what you  are looking for! 

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Siara Kainth 
Certified Kinesiologist 
Vancity Physio