Physiotherapists can play a key role in improving your back pain!

Physiotherapists can play a key role in improving your back pain!

At VanCity Physio, one of the main sources of pain that we see daily are issues related to back pain.  A lot of times patients will wait until the pain is debilitating, before seeking treatment with us when early intervention is key to a faster recovery.  At every age of our lives, we have risk factors for back pain from injuries in sports when we’re young to old age, there are many risk factors that can result in being down and out from a back injury. Unfortunately, because of how many potential causes of a back injury, most people will have bout with some sort of back issue at some point of their lives.

What are some of the main causes for back pain?

  • A muscle strain or pulled tendon: which can result from regular daily activities, a sports injury or something as simple as just sleeping funny during the night.
  • Herniated or ruptured discs: these discs are located between the vertebrae and are a jelly-like cartilage that keeps the bones from rubbing against each other.  This cartilage can rupture and cause back pain.
  • Arthritis can back pain due to stiffness or loss of flexibility in the spine.
  • Inflammation in the back: can cause pain as result of swelling or redness of the area.  This can occur when the spine is strained or sprained.
  • Osteoporosis: can lead to back pain due the bones in the vertebra compressing and weakening—unfortunately this is a common occurrence for many as we age—due to menopause in cases of women or a reduction of testosterone in men

When should you seek treatment from a Physiotherapist? 

You should support from a physiotherapist you’re suffering with any sprain or strain that lasts longer than a week!  This is especially important if it is affecting your daily life, limiting your movement, or keeping you from your regular physical activities.  The sooner it is addressed the higher likely chance it doesn’t get worse.

What can I expect will happen during my physiotherapy appointment?

A full assessment of your health history will be done plus a thorough assessment of your movement will be done to determine the extent of your injury and where exactly the source of your injury is.  For the most part, these tests are pain-free, but they can cause some discomfort.  Your physiotherapist will determine if manual therapy, ultrasound therapy, IMS, exercises or many other treatment options will be the best treatment plan to get you to pain free. 

Back pain is something most people will experience at some point their lifetime due to the different risk factors involved.  It can be a debilitating injury that can keep you out of work, playing with your kids or having to sit on the sideline on the playing field.  We take great pride with the knowledge that our education, continuing education, and latest technology that we can get our patients back to a life without pain.  We’re passionate about our patients leaving with proper exercises to avoid their back injury from coming back and educating about how or if their ergonomics have a role in their pain.  Book in with us at Vancity Physio so we can get you back to 100%!

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