Physiotherapists: helping to treat your pain without opioid medication!

Physiotherapists: helping to treat your pain without opioid medication!

Pain is a common issue in the world we live in today!  Yet, no one has time to let a nagging back issue or sore foot get in the way of their important meetings and ever-changing busy lives.  Because of this, it is not a surprise the drug industry has grown into such a money-making machine.  Although short term usage generally doesn’t have serious implications on one’s lifestyle, it is no secret there can be risks of addiction or dangerous side effects on your internal organs with long term use or over usage.  Because it has become more common knowledge, people have more desire to have a more holistic approach to help find relief outside of prescription medications. There is more of a push to have options and education on natural ways to treat pain with more organically-derived sources.  One highly effective and a natural method of pain relief is: physiotherapy.

Physiotherapists can help to identify the root source of the pain one is experiencing, they can treat the painful symptoms, and they can be an effective source of knowledge to help prevent the pain from coming back in the future.  This could in turn be highly beneficial in the reduction of pain medication drugs distribute.  This can help reduce the misuse of opioid which has the risk of future drug abuse when one relies on it solely.  So instead of relying on a pain medication book into seeing one of our highly educated and skilled physiotherapists to see if other methods can ensure your pain is addressed.

Physiotherapy is an attractive option because it is safe, proven effective and considered a natural option when no pain medication is recommended.  At your initial appointment your physiotherapist will do a thorough assessment to gather pertinent information of your symptoms, determine the root cause of the symptoms identified and establish an action plan to treat the negative effects of your symptoms.

Physiotherapy Treatment options could include…

  • Manual Therapy
  • Intramuscular stimulation (IMS)
  • Home and Resistant training exercises
  • Ergonomic or posture assessment
  • Therapeutic Ultrasound
  •  Recommendation of heat therapy or ice
  • Electrical Therapy
  • Laser Therapy
  • And so much more…

It could be very likely that one’s treatment plan could be more than one of the listed items above (which one in itself is highly effective on its own for pain reduction). 

What is also great about physiotherapy is the education given to help prevent future issues or the potential for the injury to come back—this helps to reduce the need of potential future pain medication use.  What’s key about all this is rather than putting a Band-Aid on a problem—one is fixing the root issue of the problem!  It is important on one’s mind and body to limit use of painkillers – as they have risks of altering one’s chemical makeup which can result in changing one’s mood or causing depression.  There is also risk of dependency which can have negative effects on one’s kidneys and so many other of our important organs and there is the risk for a potential overdose. There are so many reasons why it is important to see a physiotherapist to assess your pain!   Seek us out to see if there is a way to treat your pain without opioids.  

Book in and let us help you go back to being pain free—we will strive for a game of action that is not prescription pill based!  

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