As what’s normal keeps changing, knowing when things will return to “normal” can become very hard to envision. At VCP, we understand that when life gets interrupted by injury, illness or some form of loss, a return to a “normal” routine can be very difficult in these times of perpetual change and uncertainty.

When clients come to us to recover from a workplace injury, a sports injury or an injury from a motor vehicle accident, we recognize that there is often psychological and emotional hurt that goes along with the damaged muscles, nerves and tendons. Our bodies and minds are so interconnected. Even if one consciously knows that the body is healed, our subconscious minds can remain feeling unsafe and unprepared to immerse in the same environment where the injury occurred.

If you are feeling stressed about returning to work, unsure about returning to the sport you used to enjoy, or downright anxious to go back on the road again, just know that it is normal to feel that way initially because your fear response is there to protect you. Most of the time, the fear dissipates by itself. As we reconnect ourselves with internal resources and external support systems, we regain the confidence and the control we used to have, making rehabilitation successful.

However, social isolation coupled with chronic stress can cause our autonomic nervous system (ANS) which regulates our fear responses to go off balance, leading us to spend too much time in so-called fight-or-flight mode. This residual fear often creates a lingering physical pain or discomfort which does not go away with physical or pharmaceutical intervention.

For the new year, VCP offers these programs to help our clients heal beyond the physical trauma and return to wellness and happiness.


  • Rapid Transformational Therapy is a sub-conscious rewiring modality to help with issues such as stress, anxiety, depression and addictions. This 2-hour end-to-end session rapidly and effectively alleviates emotional and physical symptoms by re framing root causes.
  • Clarity Counseling is an hour-long focused, directive, and client-centered motivational interviewing process that involves supporting a client’s motivation to change. This method effectively moves a client from a state of uncertainty and indecision towards forming a clear and precise plan of action.
  • Add other programs as you see fit.
Mindfulness Seminar is an hour-long webinar. Discover the Rules of the Mind and how to effectively dialogue with your inner self. Also experience a brief group hypnosis session and feel the therapeutic effects of calming your body and mind. 

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Kyi Min Saw

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