Springing Into Action!

Springing Into Action!

Spring is a wonderful, transitional time of the year. Especially here in Vancouver where we can enjoy the nearly endless sunshine and get outside. Aside from cleaning, redecorating and making plans for summer, now is the best time to get out of winter hibernation and get your body moving! Less rainy days, more sunshine and still time to reach any physical or fitness goals you have for the year, spring is the season of opportunity.

It’s no secret that we live for the summer here in Vancouver. Beach days, hiking, cycling and everything else outdoors while the sun is out. Springtime, right now, is the perfect time to get your body ready for the busier, more active days ahead. 

At VanCity Physio, we can help you get back into an active mindset and ensure your body is ready for the outdoor season, whatever your sport and activity is! As a kinesiologist, I can help improve your problem areas. However big or small, whether it be an old ignored injury or general health and fitness questions you may have. I specialize in exercise therapy and moving from rehab to ‘pre-hab’ where we are making your body stronger and more resilient to avoid injury in the future. 

Along with the outdoors, my personal favourite part of this time of year is the seasonal foods that we have here in British Columbia. Local strawberries, corn, mangoes, Okanagan cherries and stone fruits are the most delightful and healthy way to snack, whether out in the sun at the beach or at home relaxing. These are bright and delicious ways to add nutrients to our diet for the summer months, reducing our calorie intake, and providing new flavours to dishes, like salads and bowls! 

Seize this time of opportunity to get your body feeling and looking right with active rehab sessions. Together we can work out any problem areas, like a nagging pain in your knee or shoulder and have you feeling like your best self just in time for summer! 

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