The Benefits of TelePhysio

The Benefits of TelePhysio

In the days before the internet the world was a different place. Planning to meet someone involved agreeing on a time and place in advance, we got our news the next day from newspapers, and the idea of bingeing our favourite TV shows was something none of us had even considered. Thankfully, technology changes things and times change for the better! TelePhysio is another example of an amazing technology breakthrough, and VanCity Physio is thrilled to pioneer its introduction in British Columbia.

What is TelePhysio?

By now, you’re probably well used to FaceTiming with friends or catching up with distant family members over Skype. TelePhysio works in much the same way, connecting physiotherapists remotely via video with their clients no matter where they are based, or the mobility challenges they face.

Trained physiotherapists rely heavily on visual cues and patient dialogue when diagnosing issues. Both of these aspects can easily be achieved via TelePhysio. If a more hands-on approach is required, the TelePhysio practitioner will refer the client to a trusted physiotherapist that’s based nearby.

The Benefits of TelePhysio

It Removes Location as a Barrier

Canada is a vast country. While most of us live tightly packed along the southern border, Canada is filled with small towns in remote locations. In a lot of these communities, access to a physiotherapist is hours away at best, non-existent at worst. TelePhysio instantly removes this barrier, enabling clients in remote locations to enjoy the same level of treatment and care as those located in big cities.

It’s Effective

TelePhysio has grown so much in recent years it has forced a change in the conversation surrounding it. The pertinent question is no longer “is TelePhysio safe and effective?” Instead, the question has changed to “how do we bring this service to more people in more locations?” Exhaustive studies have been carried out on the subject of TelePhysio (including one significant study here in Canada) have all shown patients enjoying the same level of care and treatment, without having to leave their home.

It Cuts Down on Hospital Visits

Many patients suffering from long-term injuries can become housebound. In this scenario, calling an ambulance to take them to hospital for treatment becomes one of their only options. TelePhysio allows them to speak to a trained professional and receive the treatment and rehabilitation movements that will put them on the path to a freer and more fulfilling life.

It’s a Time Saver

As the pace of life continues to quicken, many of us don’t have time to trek to and from appointments. TelePhysio removes this issue, allowing clients to consult with a physiotherapist from their home, their office, or even from the beach.

Find Out More

Interested in learning more about TelePhysio? To book a session, or simply learn more about how the process works, click here to find the information you need. If any of your questions surrounding TelePhysio haven’t been answered, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.