The TelePhysio Movement: Answering the Call of Aches & Pains

The TelePhysio Movement: Answering the Call of Aches & Pains

If your physical health is suffering during COVID-19, have no fear: VanCity Physio is proud to be a leader in the TelePhysio movement in Vancouver and beyond, making physiotherapy treatment more accessible than ever—even during a global pandemic. 

Social distancing has dramatically impacted our social and professional lives in the past few weeks, and if you’re like me, it has also changed physical health through a loss or change in my typical exercise routine. While exercise is moderately easy to adapt to a home-based plan, one part of physical health is not so adaptable: access to certain health services, including physiotherapy. That’s where TelepPhysio comes in.

Why TelePhysio? 

Also referred to as Virtual Physiotherapy, our TelePhysio service offers effective physio treatment online with the same promise of high-quality treatment you would expect at a clinic. All you need to access our TelePhysio service is a smartphone, iPad or computer and an internet connection. We will assess your symptoms, range of motion, diagnose your ailment and offer mobility and exercise programs via the PhysiApp®.

There are so many benefits to accessing our TelePhysio services, including receiving expert care from the comfort/social isolation of your own home. Not in Vancouver? No problem. Because this service is done virtually, you can access this service from anywhere in BC and across Canada. Our team is available for appointments daily between 7am-7pm PST. If you have health benefits through your work, bear in mind that you can typically use those benefits towards physiotherapy treatment.

Get Your First 20-Minute Treatment FREE 

We understand that this is an extremely difficult time with added anxieties and stressors, which is why we’ve started offering a totally free, initial 20-minute TelePhysio treatment. We believe that taking care of your physical health is essential to your mental and emotional health. We are here for you and ready to support your health at this critical time. 

VanCity Physio has been a leader in the TeleRehab and TelePhysio movements as early adopters and promoters of such an important service delivered at an all-time level of accessibility. Never did we think it would be as important as it is today, what with the severe limitations on how we are able to interact with and access services essential for our everyday well-being.

Get Started! 

So, what are you waiting for? The only cost is your time, and we promise it’ll be worth it. To learn more, you can read more on our website. Ready to book? Click here to get started. We can’t wait to (virtually) meet you!