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Use your benefits before they expire for the year!

Despite the year still feeling the effects of the pandemic, this year has really flown by.  In no time 2021 will commence, a new year is once again on the horizon.   Many people reflect on the year that has past, look ahead to the new year. They make note of a resolution of a healthier version of themselves to begin in the new year.  There is a common desire to feel reset with mind, body and spirit.  At VanCity Physio, we see the opportunity for people to start this early on by taking on whatever aches or pain they are living with before the year ends.  So many times, we hear patients say they do not take advantage of the extended benefits they have and regret not doing so.  Each year premiums are paid to insurance companies but only a small percentage of people report they use their benefits to a high extent.  

We see a lot of people posting stories about their bid to a healthier lifestyle by posting their latest workouts, favorite healthy shakes or fit bodies—but a majority of people do not take advantage of their physiotherapy benefits.  They live in pain from a sore neck, an ache in their lower back or a bothersome wrist yet they have full access to treatment to remedy such issues.  Many people have a hard time taking time out of their work schedule or simply have a hard time making time for themselves.  As we’ve said before and we will probably say this again, it’s a much better route to treat pain in the early stages rather than waiting until later when symptoms worsen.  Injuries can heal incorrectly, and the treatment needed can become more complex over time.  So, we challenge everyone to start their resolutions early on and start on the road to being pain-free before the ball drops on December 31, 2021!  This is a time for many people to slow down with time off at work and holiday business closures, so this is a great time to start! It is our goal to improve our patient’s function and well-being, by getting them up and moving.  We live to use our expertise of the human body and movement to promote physical rehabilitation.  Come and see us, we’re happy to get you started with the healthy you of 2022!

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