manage pain with resistance bands

Manage Pain and Gain Strength with Resistance Bands

Whether your goal to manage pain or gain strength, resistance bands offer so many benefits. Their original purpose was for physical rehabilitation after injury. In fact, the earliest version was a surgical tube. Today, resistance bands are a mainstream piece of exercise equipment to build strength and manage pain.

Resistance bands are flat or tubular and stretchy. There are several types of resistance bands, such as flat bands, looped bands and resistance tubes. They come in various forms and at varying degrees of resistance. Exercise with resistance bands allow for fluid, dynamic movements and contribute to better overall fitness. Not only will you get a great workout in, but your balance and muscle tone will improve. The best part? They reduce your risk of injury. 

The Benefits of Resistance Bands

Adding resistance or exercise bands into your exercise routine offers so many benefits, regardless of your fitness level. They are an effective, versatile, cost-efficient and portable way to exercise and a great way to manage pain. 


Resistance bands can be used in place of, or to complement weight training. Almost any movement done with a barbell or free weight can be performed with a band. With varying degrees of resistance, you’re sure to get a good workout without extra equipment. 


The effectiveness of resistance bands complements their versatility. You can set-up resistance bands in multiple ways to either add resistance (make an exercise harder), or add assistance (such as a pullup). They are also great for warmups and post-workout stretches. There are so many ways to use resistance bands, and this is one of their key advantages.


Resistance bands are an inexpensive piece of equipment. You can buy a set of resistance bands for the equivalent of a couple lattés. This is a key advantage over the high cost of dumbbells or other at-home exercise equipment. 


Resistance bands are lightweight and portable. Whether you’re at the office, at home or travelling, you can take your exercise routine with you anywhere. Again, compared to most other exercise equipment, this is a gamechanger. 

Find Out More

If we’ve convinced you of the benefits of resistance bands, check out our own 11-Piece Resistance Band Set available on our website. In the package, you’ll receive: 

  • 5 bands, ranging from extra-light to extra-heavy resistance 
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A physiotherapist or exercise professional can best guide you how to make the best use of your equipment, and how to effectively use them in a workout. Whether your goals are to manage pain or build strength, get in touch with us. Your initial 20-minute telephysio assessment is totally free.