Virtual Physiotherapy

If your car starts sputtering, you’d take it to a mechanic, right? If your computer came down with a virus, you’d take it straight to the IT department… Why then, do so many of us live with chronic pain and physical limitations when the answer is right in front of us? Often, it’s because we’re too busy to attend Physiotherapy, or there aren’t any practitioners close to us. What if we told you that, thanks to TelePhysio, those issues are now a thing of the past.


Providing Effective Treatment Online

TelePhysio (also known as Virtual Physiotherapy or BC Telehealth) is poised to create a revolution in patient treatment, making Physiotherapy more accessible than ever before. All that’s needed is a smartphone, iPad or computer and an internet connection.

Our expert practitioners can assess your symptoms, observe your range of motion and diagnose your problem remotely via an app that is free to download onto your device or can be accessed via the internet. The best part? All patients can expect to receive the same high-quality treatment they’d get in a clinic, whether they’re at home, at the workplace, or even checking in while on vacation.


The Benefits of TelePhysio / Virtual Physiotherapy

Convenient Care – The increasing popularity of TelePhysio or online physiotherapy is estimated to reduce patient travel in Canada by 47 million kilometres per year as well as provide rapid care for when you need it the most. While at home, work, or vacation, all you need is an internet or wi-fi connection and you’ll be able to reach us for all your Physiotherapy needs.  

Prevents Chronic Issues – A recent study directly links TelePhysio with savings of over $60 million per year for the Canadian health care system.

Improved Timeliness of Care – TelePhysio allows a much lower barrier of entry for patient care. Appointments can be made more easily, with patients and practitioners not having to account for travel time, location or mobility challenges.

It’s Effective – TelePhysio meets the same standards of practice as an in-person appointment. Studies carried out in the United States and Australia have shown TelePhysio to be an effective medium for patient treatment.

Greater Patient Comfort – The opportunity to receive treatment within the patient’s own social and vocational environment can even lead to greater recovery outcomes.


TelePhysio and VanCity Physio

At VanCity Physio, we’re passionate about making physiotherapy as accessible as possible to patients in need. During a TelePhysio appointment with us, we will evaluate your problem using visual cues and questions, before providing practical, evidence-based treatments. And, while we love having you as a patient, we want to get you back to normal as quickly as possible! To achieve this goal, we’ll educate you on proper form and preventative measures that will get you moving once again.


COVID-19 Protocols:

Take a look at all of the steps we are currently taking to ensure you safety on our COVID-19 procedures page. 


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