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5 Tips to Maximize Your Home Workouts

With many gyms closed since March, it’s been amazing to see people adapting their fitness schedules to match our new normal. Some have dusted off long neglected dumbbells and started lifting at home, while others have started jogging, or practicing yoga. While some gyms have begun to reopen, many people are opting to continue working out from home, enjoying the freedom, flexibility and safety presented by working out in their own space.

No matter what’s going on around us, keeping a focus on health and fitness will help us get through the COVID pandemic. It will also have a hugely beneficial impact on our mental health. If you’re keeping up the fitness work at home, here are some best practices to remember so you maximize your workouts.

Create a Dedicated Workout Space

Apartment dwellers rejoice – you don’t need a huge open space to conduct impactful and well-rounded home workouts. In fact, you only really need a space the size of a yoga mat. Treat your home workouts like you would treat working from home – this means steering clear of temptations like television, food and video games. Music is fine, and might even help enhance your workouts.

You Don’t Need to Spend a Fortune

Since March, home fitness equipment has been in extremely short supply. Thankfully, the only item that’s really “essential” for a home workout is a yoga mat. There is an almost limitless supply of body-weight exercises a person can do at home with zero equipment. Push-ups, planks and squats are just three popular exercises you can do with no equipment. Get imaginative and mix in items like water bottles and soup cans for extra resistance. Set on purchasing equipment? Don’t forget to check local marketplace sites like Craigslist for previously owned, cheaper equipment.

Every Little Helps

One of the keys to a successful fitness journey is to build up good habits. Even if you can’t dedicate a long time to working out, a few minutes spent building up a sweat will continue building the habit. With many people feeling extra strain and anxiety, they also may not have the mental capacity for a longer workout. This is ok! Even a few minutes will be beneficial and will leave you feeling glad you made the effort.

Lean on Technology

One of the biggest advantages provided by going to a gym is the ability to lean on the expertise of personal trainers. They can develop programs, check on form, and even help to keep their clients motivated. While we can’t replicate all of those aspects in full, technology allows us to come quite close. One of the largest types of apps on smartphones are fitness apps. Do your research, find ones that are highly rated, and try them out. These apps contain guided workouts, images that highlight proper form, and even space to log workouts. Many personal trainers are also available for virtual appointments via Zoom or Slack.

Set Achievable Goals

Whether you’re new to the fitness game, or you’re an old hand, it’s vital to listen to your body. Don’t set impossible targets you can’t hit. It will leave you demoralized and impede your progress. Make exercise a part of your daily routine. Sometimes, it might just be a stretching session, sometimes a more intensive workout. When you hit a goal, try to push it further the next week/month. Start slowly, be patient with your progress, and make sure you treat your body well.

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