Physitrack: How to Fast-Track Your Rehabilitation Process

Today I wanted to write a short blog and introduce you guys to a program called Physitrack. If you aren’t already familiar with the program, it’s an app that we use to provide clients with their prescribed exercises and exercises. 

Gone are the days where your physio would scrawl a few stick figures on a notepad as a reminder and prescription for what you needed to do. 

Does this look familiar to you? Some of you probably have been prescribed exercises like these!

Now I’ll admit, I’ve done them before myself on request from a patient who insisted stick figures were essential, and it’s true, they can absolutely be a helpful reference and useful to jog your memory when you can’t quite remember what your physio gave you. 

Now this is not a paid sponsorship of Physitrack, and you can technically use any online exercise program. But in our experience, we have found Physitrack to be one of the best ones out there and for good reason. 

In the video below, we discuss how we use Physitrack to give you the best tele-physio experience possible, ensuring you have all your exercises prescribed, with video reference, instructions and adherence tracking all under a single easy to use application. 

If you’re looking to get started on your own personalised, tailored exercise program be sure to get in touch with us.

Tim Fung

Registered Physiotherapist