Sports Rehabilitation

Sports Rehabilitation: Get Back to Your Active Life with VanCity Physio

At VanCity Physio, the point of Sport-Specific Rehabilitation programs is to optimize your athletic performance and get you back to a pain-free and active lifestyle. Some of key principles we consider are as follows:

Principle 1:

Sport Specific Rehabilitation - Diagnosis and Program Customization that will optimize your healing + repair of injured structures

Stop the pain, heal and recover from injury, and conquer your limitations. At VanCity Physio, we help athletes re-discover their top performance with restorative rehab customized for your sport specific needs. VanCity Physio clinics combine evidence-based sports and physio treatments that ease pain, optimize muscle strength & flexibility, prevent re-injury, and restores your confidence as an athlete.

Principle 2:

Supervised Reconditioning - Strengthening Programs to help you be the best version of yourself! 

Time to get you moving! Our VanCity Physio physiotherapists will guide you every step of the way during your rehab program. From training and lifestyle changes needed, to specific treatments, we’ll help you achieve a full recovery.  We are dedicated to getting you back to your passion with more strength, power and intensity than ever before.

Principle 3: 

State-of-The-Art Technology and Treatment.

VanCity Physio clinics invest in cutting-edge sports rehabilitation technologies to ensure you get the most accurate assessment, optimal care, and a rapid recovery, such as Manual Therapy, Shockwave, IMS, Ultrasound and Electrical Therapy

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