Stroke and Physio

Stroke and Physio

After a stroke, rehabilitation is a must as this is a very important part of recovery. Stroke rehabilitation helps patients relearn skills that were lost as a result of their stroke and helps them regain their independence. A stroke will affect part of your brain, and the severity of the complications will vary, as will each person’s ability to recover.

Physiotherapy will help and is an effective approach to stroke rehabilitation. Every plan will be unique to the patient and will be based on the part of your body that was affected by your stroke. Motor skill exercises and mobility training will be involved as these exercises will help improve the patient’s muscle strength and their coordination. You may also learn how to use mobility aids like a walker, cane, wheelchair or ankle brace. Range-of-motion therapy is very beneficial as well because these types of exercises can ease muscle tension and will help patients regain range of motion.

Stroke rehabilitation should begin as soon as possible because the faster you begin, the more likely it is that you will regain your lost abilities and skills. A doctor will, however, first have to stabilize your medical condition and control life-threatening conditions before rehabilitation can begin. Their priority will be to prevent another stroke and to limit any stroke-related complications. Stroke rehabilitation can start as quickly as 24 to 48 hours after a stroke and can begin while the patient is still in the hospital. Therapy can continue once you return home, in person physio stroke rehabilitation is very effective. By visiting VanCity Physio, our Physios will be able to set you up with an appropriate in-home program. This is beneficial because you will get to recover in the comfort of your own home in a setting you are familiar with. Home-based programs allow for greater flexibility than other options, so this is something you can consider. Regular follow-ups with us in the clinic will ensure programs are kept up to date, and continue to be challenging enough to help you progress optimally.

The duration of your program will be based on the severity of your condition and the complications involved. Some patients recover very fast while others need a lot more time, so this is something your physiotherapist will discuss based on each patient’s specific situation. Some patients may need long-term stroke rehabilitation, and this can last for months or sometimes even years after the stroke.

Physicians, rehabilitation nurses, and physical therapists will all participate in your recovery process because stroke rehabilitation requires different types of specialists and all of their skills are necessary for a successful recovery. Physical therapists will be the ones to help you relearn movements like walking and will help you keep your balance. We also offer Clinical Pilates and Active Rehabilitation at our 2 locations, each 60 minutes in length and by having a Physiotherapist on file, we will ensure you’re set up for absolute success.

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